Business Process Improvement

Practical Business Skills Training….TAG it!

It is common knowledge that in today’s complex business environment, good is frequently not good enough. TAG Team is a Business Skills Training System that stimulates Systems Thinking and encourages team members to ‘think outside the box’.

We all know that running a business requires that we have an input, a transformation process, and finally an output that we sell and deliver to our customers. If we do this efficiently, then the income generated from sales exceeds the operational expenses, and we make a profit.

But can it really be that simple?

Perhaps not…


TAG Team is designed to improve the understanding of business principles by simulating a typical business environment. The game is not a computer simulation, but rather a practical ‘hands-on’ game where groups or teams compete against each other in an attempt to generate the maximum profit for the team. The game highlights how common market and operational conditions impact on the profitability of any business.

TAG Team….

• Highlights the impact that market constraints, quality problems, lead times, operating efficiency, and process design have on business profitability.
• Is ideal for all levels and any mix of employees, from senior executives to operational staff members.
• Is fun, interactive and great for team building
• Is ideally suited to a total group size of 12 to 25 people.