Marketing Consultants

Marketing Consulting

You need to be known and relevant to your target market to successfully grow your business – getting new clients and more business with existing ones. At Inform we can help you develop and implement the right marketing mix to grow your business.


We help you define the right marketing strategy for your business that includes your overall objectives, identifies your target market, defines your value proposition and determine the right marketing mix that will engage your target customers in the most effective manner.

Together we develop and commit to a strategy that will deliver real growth.


While your target market now has more opportunity than ever before to learn about your business, products and services, keeping up with the latest, most effective and appropriate on-line media is a real challenge.

As part of your marketing strategy we help you decide the most appropriate method of reaching your market, regardless of the media. We have a select group of specialist partners, some of the best in the business, who we engage and manage to deliver the best solution possible.

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