Construction Company Breaks Through the Ceiling

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. ”
James Cash Penney

Company Background

This Sydney based commercial construction company was founded in 2000 by two Directors. The company grew well and reached an eight-figure turnover within a few years. The construction projects were predominantly in NSW.

The Challenge

We’ve all heard the expressions relating to the glass ceiling in corporate life, well this construction company hit the growth ceiling and couldn’t break through. Having started their careers in large construction companies, the Directors were experienced at running construction projects in the nine-figure range. But they had reached a ceiling and were unsure which direction to go and what to implement next. They were now looking for guidance and practical support to define their direction and implement a structure that would allow them to achieve the full potential of the business and achieve the owner’s vision.

The Solution

Inform Consulting Group was engaged to complete an analysis of the company’s situation and develop a plan for growth.

An initial business diagnosis revealed the logical ‘business roadmap’ for the company. The strategy for growth was then designed and implemented through Inform’s Business Support Program:

  • In a first step, the customers were surveyed and conclusions were drawn.
  • In a second step, the identified weaknesses were addressed, the company website and brochure were revamped, the prospecting was improved and communication was focussed on the targeted potential clients.
  • In a third step, several key positions were identified and the organisation chart was reinforced through internal promotion and targeted recruitment. The internal communication with employees was also improved through formal surveying and feedback.
  • In a fourth step the relevant Key Performance Indicators and Management Accounts were identified, implemented and monitored regularly. Performance was reviewed monthly versus the Budget.
  • The last step consisted in improving the Board’s effectiveness through leadership guidance.

The Outcome

Through the Business Support Program, the client has achieved:

  • Revenue increase of 260%;
  • An increase in operating profit several times greater than the increase in revenue;
  • Significant increase in market presence;
  • The headcount doubled;
  • An organisational structure that supports the Directors with strong line-management;

The company has ‘broken through the ceiling’ and the sky is now the limit.