Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

At Inform, we help you to achieve significant and sustainable advances in overall business performance. We do this through the implementation of Lean business principles.

We believe that the purpose of Lean is to increase the overall capacity of your business by designing your processes and systems to optimally respond to customer demand, and to use the additional capacity to add greater customer value and/or increase output. Cost reduction is a natural consequence of Lean, but not its purpose.

Here’s how we help you with business process improvement:

Identify Customer Value (Voice of the Customer)

True customer satisfaction is achieved only when you meet or exceed your customer expectations in the areas that matter to them. At Inform, we assist you in determining the true value criteria that influence your customers’ buying decisions.

Value Stream Analysis

Having listened to the voice of the customer to understand the true value of the product or service from the customer’s point of view, we assists you to identify the internal processes that add value to your products and services – the Value Stream.

Value Stream Improvement

We use a pragmatic approach to analyse and improve your Value Stream in existing operational processes within all business departments, including administration, finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Production, Logistics and IT.

“Going Lean” does not mean the introduction of complicated systems and procedures or the use of sophisticated tools and techniques. Lean is about creating simple and sustainable solutions.

Continual Improvement

By providing systematic training and guidance, we support and empower you to continually improve your internal processes and operations in order to create greater customer value and/or increase output.

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