Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting

Nothing happens until somebody sells something and at Inform Consulting Group we help you make it happen.

We are B2B specialists with years of experience across a wide range of industries and many countries.

Sales Planning

Sales planning is essential to not only provide focus on achieving revenue targets, but also to manage your business. Inform consultants will help you build a sales plan that will help you manage production, staff and financing needs effectively.

Virtual Sales Management

Sales not where they should be? Don’t have a dedicated sales manager? Lack defined sales processes? Or maybe your sales manager needs some support. Inform can help you fill the void, develop a sales structure like major companies and simply provide the support you need to achieve the sales you want.

Sales Training

Inform sales training programs are designed to make your sales team as effective as possible.
Whether your team needs to develop their skills in basic sales, strategic relationship selling, account management or managing a sales team, Inform Sales Training Programs, tailored for your specific business will help them achieve their sales goals and more.

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