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IT & Communications Consulting

In today’s business, regardless of size, your technology platform is critical. Unfortunately the capabilities often do not align with your needs or strategy.

Diversification or sudden growth coupled with a disproportionate investment in IT may have led to this. An IT outsourcer may have implemented an infrastructure they believe suits your requirements; however, it doesn’t seem to fulfill expectations.

Inform will work with you to verify whether your current IT environment is compatible with your company procedures or an IT project supports your business strategy. We ensure you are gaining the maximum benefit from the technology you paid for.

IT Strategy

We help you develop a technology strategy that compliments the plans you have for your business. Does cloud computing suit you? Should you outsource your support? At what stage do you consider IT when making business decisions?

Inform’s approach to business is Lean – increasing value and reducing waste. IT is no different. We Inform work with you to define the most appropriate approach to technology for your business – one that will maximize the value you deliver to your customers and reduce the waste in the process.

Project Management

Inform can provide independent support to guide any IT project you may be implementing or help you regain a project’s lost momentum.

Outsourcing Consultancy

Often when you outsource your IT management you are fully reliant on the service provider to ‘do the right thing’. Inform work as your trusted IT advisor to ensure what was promised is delivered and commissioned, and continues to meet your needs.

Request for Proposal (RfP)

Engaging a vendor to deliver your IT platform can be one of the most important infrastructure decisions you will make. Inform will work with you to understand your requirements, document these and draft your RfP. We can then assist with evaluation and selection to ensure you get what you need.

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