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Cash is king. Cash is the most important parameter of any business, because it will determine if a business will exist or perish.

The process starts with the funding, which allows the business to be born. It then continues with measuring & controlling the financial performance. The ultimate step is the budgeting, which allows seeing the future and playing with assumptions.


Nothing comes for free: Equipment, Products, Employees, everything has a price and everything must be paid for. The good news is that there are many ways to fund a business: from saved cash, borrowing, factoring, grants, invoice discounting, loans, notes issue, overdraft, shares issue, etc.

At Inform, we can assist you in determining the best solution for your business and guide you along the process.

Measuring & Controlling

The financial performance of your business cannot be left to chance. All successful companies have implemented measurement tools and indicators that allow the management to know exactly how the business performs. Inform has helped numerous clients define and implement adequate indicators.

The finance function does interact with many internal and external ‘customers’: The clients, suppliers, shareholders, management, directors, purchasing, production, sales, bankers, auditors, tax experts, ATO, etc. So many stakeholders often lead to inefficiencies and waste. Inform has the skills to help you reduce these inefficiencies and eliminate waste.

Forecasting & Monitoring

Once your business has indicators, the next step is budgeting and forecasting. Running a business without a budget is like flying a plane without calculating how much fuel you need to reach your destination: You might be lucky, but you also have a large probability of crashing!

Last but not least, the objective of a budget is not to be stored in the bottom drawer: It needs to be compared regularly against actual figures.

If you are on top of your budget, you are in control of what is happening in your business and where it is heading.

Inform can assist you in putting together a full budget (Capital expenditures, Cash Flow Forecast, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet), or part of it. The size of your organisation will decide this. Our objective is to do the first one with you, so that you are then able to continue by yourselves.

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Business Finance Consultants
Business Finance Consultants