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“F” Word Business Management

As a parent of young children, I have never been a fan of Gordon Ramsey’s straight-talking TV shows. However, I have watched with a professional interest as I find the way he approaches solving a restaurants problems are so characteristic of the basic business management principals I use when working with clients.

Well it seems I am not alone as I have recently read an article in “In The Black” magazine that looks for the “gems that are often lost among the expletives and insults”.

If you have ever watched “Kitchen Nightmares”, think about some of the basic questions Gordon asks. He looks for honest feedback about the owners’ vision and why they do things like they do (often because they are copying someone else). He invariably looks at how they can simplify what they do, use more local produce and then meet their goals. Those that can put up with the abuse and take on board what he offers, and maintain the introduced changes usually go onto success in their restaurant.

With thanks to “in the Black”, let’s look at what business can learn from foul-mouthed Gordon:

  • Who’s the Boss? Someone needs to be in charge. Multiple bosses keep staff chasing their tails instead of focussing on clearly articulated tasks.
  • Keep it simple – If there’s too much choice, the company doesn’t know what the company wants (think about restaurant menus)
  • Have Passion & Pride – It’s the best way to retain customers and staff
  • Know your market – If you’re copying the competition, you’re behind before you start
  • Say what you mean – Clear communication lets everyone know where they stand
  • Listen properly to your customers – The best feedback is negative because you learn the most from it
  • Work as a team – Every member of the team has something useful to contribute: ask, listen and learn.

So you will be surprised where you can learn about how to better run your business – we just need to keep our *%#*ing eyes and ears open.