Wayne Moloney

The meaning of the word ‘Waste’ as it applies to the ‘Lean Selling’ Model

In this 3 minute video John Smibert talks with Wayne Moloney about the meaning of the word ‘Waste’ as it applies the ‘Lean Selling’ model.

Wayne explains that there is significant waste in most sales organisation. Recent research indicates that salespeople spend 60% of their time on non-selling activities.

He suggests that the sales process must address a number of questions to determine if we are adding value to the relationship we have with the customer and presenting something that is specific to the customer’s needs. If not by definition the activity will be wasted. Wayne details what some of these questions are and how they should be applied.
This is one for sales professionals, sales leaders, CSO’s, CEO’s and CFO’s who are striving to improve sales productivity, reduce waste and grow profitable revenue.

Wayne Moloney is a leading business strategist specialising in sales and business development. Wayne has a very specific specialisation in ‘lean selling’.

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