Delivering ‘Value’ through Lean Selling

In this 3 minute video, Inform partner Wayne Moloney talks with Sales Mastermind John Smibert about the meaning of the word ‘Value’ in the ‘Lean Selling’ model.

Wayne explains that ‘value’ is by definition is “anything the customer is willing to pay for”. He goes on to say that it is vital that we need to assess everything we do in the sales process to ensure it is creating value for the customer – by doing this, and ensuring we are not doing anything that the customer does not value, we will maximise the return from our selling activities. In doing so we also reduce cost by avoiding wasteful activities.

In this interview Wayne tells us a story about a company who achieved outstanding results by applying these principles

This is one for sales leaders, CSO’s, CEO’s and CFO’s who are striving to improve sales productivity and grow profitable revenue.

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