HR Consultants

HR Consulting

Here at Inform Group we know from experience that the best business strategies, systems and processes simply won’t work unless the right people are engaged, effectively managed and striving individually and collectively to achieve their best.

That’s why we have highly-capable, experienced HR consultants on hand to support the people-side of your business.

HR Strategy and Practice

We can provide the strategic and “on-ground” support you need to maximise your investment in people throughout the employment lifecycle: from recruitment, selection and induction, employment contracts/HR compliance, policies and procedures, performance management, staff development, remuneration and benefits through to talent management, staff retention and helping you manage termination of employment.

Employing staff in your business is a significant and sometimes risky investment. We can help you maximise your return on that investment while also reducing the associated risks.

Leadership and Culture

A key factor in the success of your business will be the individual and collective capability of existing and emerging leaders and managers. Leaders and managers are critical determinants of the culture of the business, so there’s little surprise that the very best businesses invest in the continuous development and retention of highly-effective and engaged leaders at all levels.

Our consultants have the expertise and experience to partner with you and your leadership team to transform workplace cultures, teams and individuals to create high-performing, profitable businesses that are also great places in which to work.

Staff Development

Continuing to build the capability of your team is essential to developing and maintaining the competitive-advantage of your business.

We have considerable experience in designing, developing and facilitating 1:1 coaching sessions and group workshops to support the needs of our clients.

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