Resource Library

We’ve created this range of PDF resources on a wide range of business topics to help you run a better business.

They include How-to Guides, White Papers and Case Studies – we hope you find them useful!

How-To Guides

Conducting a SWOT Analysis – learn how to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Sell more by doing less – Find out how you can implement a system to focus your time on your hottest prospects

Simple business planning – A formula for creating a simple business plan that will give your business a roadmap to success

Cash flow best practices – Cash is king and this checklist-style guide will help you keep your business liquid and save you money too.

Transition planning – A guide to planning for the eventual sale of your business on your exit or retirement – and how to maximise your sale value.

Payback Analysis – Knowing how long it will take to recover any investment you make in your business is critical – this presentation helps you determine if your investment makes sense.

The Art of Budgeting – How to easily and effectively put together a budget for your business – this presentation looks at Capital Expenditure, P&L, Cash Flow and the Balance Sheet

Discounting Can Be Dangerous – Offering a discount to attract more business? Know how much this will effect your revenue? This handy reference table helps you quickly understand the impact this will have on your business.

White Papers

50 ways to increase your profits – Simple, actionable tips in the form of a checklist

Preparing your business for sale – How to make your business stand out in a crowded market

Exiting your business – Avoid a retirement crisis and maximise the sale value of your business

Providing services to the mining industry – Getting your share of the hidden wealth

Case Studies

Business process improvement – Case study of a growing warehousing and distribution company

Business strategy and quality assurance – Case study of an engineering company on the right track

Transition planning – Consulting engineers prepare for the good life

Marketing and business strategy – A building company cements its future