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Lean Business Support Program

Inform Consulting Group’s consulting philosophy is based on the principles of ‘Lean Business’. We believe that Lean is applicable to every system, every process and every function, within every business.

Implementing Lean in any business, whether a manufacturer or service provider, is based on the following 3 broad principles:

  • Understanding who the customer is and what they most value from the product or service being provided.
  • Understanding that every function or service within a business is a process that can be documented, standardised, and most importantly, improved.
  • Improving any process necessitates the identification of waste within the process, where waste is defined as any activity that adds no value from the customer’s perspective, i.e. it is the extra (wasted) time, labour and materials spent producing the product or service.

Using the above premise and the fact that no business process is waste-free, we believe that Lean can be implemented in any environment, as every business process can be documented, analysed and improved.

Boost your business

Through our Lean Business Support Program, we help you improve the competitiveness and profitability of your business. The objective of the Lean Business Support Program is to deliver long-term solutions by working with you to identify both opportunities and shortcomings in the business, and to develop the necessary business skills within the organisation so that you are better equipped to solve problems and make sound business decisions.

Our role is to listen, analyse, question, counsel and facilitate growth within your business. By sharing our knowledge and by providing honest, objective and pragmatic feedback, we assist you to:

  • clarify the business objectives and goals
  • identify opportunities, problems and areas for improvement
  • build your own business skills and capabilities.

Through our Lean Business Support Program, we provide one-on-one support specifically geared to the needs and objectives of your organisation. Based on our many years of experience, we aim to become your ‘trusted advisor’ by providing guidance, helping to identify opportunities, challenging your ideas, and finding solutions to those issues that are restricting the growth of your business.

The Lean Business Support Program can be broken down into the following broad stages that follow our proven methodology:

  • Understand your business and what your customer’s value from the products and/or services you provide
  • Identify your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Help you to develop a simple and easily understood business plan that will provide you with a roadmap to achieve your goals and take advantage of identified opportunities
  • Create a prioritised action plan that addresses those business processes that are having a negative impact on customer value
  • Analyse these processes and identify the waste within them
  • Apply Lean tools and techniques, to help you improve these processes
  • Repeat the above steps and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement within your business.

Inform Consulting Group’s Lean Business Support Program should not be seen as a ‘once-off’, but rather as a longer-term engagement where we continue to work alongside you by providing hands-on assistance in those areas we have jointly identified as being critical to your success.

To arrange a no obligation call or meeting to discuss how Inform Consulting Group’s Lean Business Support Program can help your business, call us on 1300 348 811 (Australia only) or email us today.