Business Wisdom Review

What you don’t know about your business CAN hurt you!

Our Business Wisdom Review will help you understand where you are doing well and where you need to improve your business practices.

Medical professionals measure key indicators such as cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI to identify problems and lifestyle change options to improve quality of life. What if business performance could be assessed in the same way? How would the performance of your business be impacted if you firstly had an accurate and reliable diagnostic that measures the health of your business, and secondly, an action plan that guides to towards improvement.

A unique business diagnostic process

Inform Consulting Group’s Business Wisdom Review is a unique business diagnostic that assesses each part of your business to identify what it is doing well and where it is falling short of best practice.

Our process captures, analyses, benchmarks and ranks your responses to a detailed set of questions designed to delve into all areas of your business and so identify opportunities for improvement. From this we generate a preliminary report that highlights those areas within your business which, if improved, will help take your business to the next level.

Following this, we then conduct a telephone or online review with you to develop specific actions to address the challenges your business faces. This will allow our final Business Wisdom report to provide meaningful information to easily and quickly identify best practices that will enable actions to be taken to address under-performance and/or take advantage of identified opportunities.

What does it cost?

For just $995 (inc GST) for the diagnostic and personal telephone or online review, you can have a detailed roadmap to guide you to greater success and help you work ON, and not FOR the business.

If you are interested in finding out more about these insightful tools and other ways we help our clients achieve success, email us today.